Who We Are

SO! Gasho Company Ltd. (Powered by Somcable) is an ISP that reflects a fresh and innovative range of products and services for the modern Somaliland consumer. It is an exciting, relevant and affordable option for communication and entertainment.


Since 2015 SO! has been committed to changing the way people think about the internet. We’re revolutionizing the industry by standing up in support of an open and fair internet, setting a refreshingly high standard for customer care.


We want to surpass the needs and expectations of all our customers by providing the fastest, most reliable internet connection to your home, delivered over the most advanced technology available and reliable customer support services.

Why choose SO!

At SO! we believe super-fast, trustworthy internet should be accessible to all. Our members don’t have to break the bank to supply their homes with the kind of internet they deserve. That’s why we offer the best internet with cheapest price.

Benefits of Fiber

Faster than Copper or Wireless, Unlimited Bandwidth, Data Transmitted via light, Signals can't be hacked or tapped

Most secure network

Less prone to outages, No signal Interference.

The best internet service provider in Somaliland

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99.9% Uptime

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How do I get started with SO! Internet?

The process is simple and smooth all you have to do is to visit your SOGASHO Branch and our sales representative wil help you, you can also sumbit the online order form..

What is difference for each plan?

The main diffrenece is the speed that you are getting, whether it's shared or dedicated, and also wether it's for home or institution..

What kind of Service do I need?

It depends for the purpose you want to use it, you may want to use it as an Individual , for home or for bussiness..

Why do I need Fiber backed Internet?

SO! builds upon Somcable's strength by using their fibre optic network infrastructure to deliver complete solutions for High Speed Internet, Voice, Multimedia and Enterprise Solutions..

What are the benefits of fiber optic technology over the others?

Faster than Copper or Wireless, Data Transmitted via light, Signals can't be hacked, Less prone to outages, Water does not effect signals, Fiber cable lasts longer..

Are there any student plans?

Yes, There is a student bundle in our advanced 4G LTE.

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