Where can I purchase an internet device and its vouchers?

Our internet devices are on sale at all SO! branches, subject to stock availability. A sales agent will sell you the device with the relevant plan and the sim-card required to use it. Our recharge vouchers are available at all SO! branches as well as other authorized retailers scattered across the city.

How do I recharge my SO! services?

You must first purchase a SO! voucher or scratch-card, these are available at all SO! branches and authorized retailers, upon purchasing you must connect your device to the internet connection and you will automatically be redirected to the SO! self-care portal. Here you input the details of your voucher or scratch-card and begin using your internet services.

Can I change my personal details and password with SO! and if so, where?

No, the details which a customer registers with initially are locked into our customer database. If an update of customers contact details are required, they must contact a member of the customer service team.

Can I view my usage online?

Yes, the SO! self-care portal allows its customers to not only recharge their services but view their usage online as well.

What if I am moving a short distance, and will stay in the same city and want to transfer my service, will my internet still work?


This is not a problem, as our LTE network and devices operate using a sim card and there are no cables or wiring to worry about you just take your box and its adapter with you to your new destination.

Is the SO! internet service compatible with my device?

SO! internet service is compatible with any device able to connect to WI-FI and browse the internet, this includes; laptops, smart-phones, tablets etc.

Is there a customer service helpline operated by SO! staff?

If so what is the telephone number and operating hours.

Yes, SO! does have a call centre in place to assist its customers with all queries whether they are technical or not. Our telephone number is: 818 and the opening hours are: __.

How can I know when my internet balance is low?

Our system is able to detect when your internet balance is running low, we will send an email to the email address you gave us upon registration to let you know.

Can I use my devices sim-card in a different device which is 4G compatible?

No. Each sim-card is uniquely registered to a specific device, this sim-card is non-transferable and will not register with any other device.


Can I only access the self-care portal from home and only using a SO! internet connection?

No, SO! self-care portal is accessible from anywhere in the world, this allows for easier access for all of our customers. The self-care portal can be accessed from any internet service provider’s internet connection.


*Subject to coverage in that area