SO! Fiber

SO! Fiber

SO! Fiber

For almost all enterprises and even homes, superior-quality, reliable and high-speed Internet access is not a luxury – it has become a necessity like any utility service, electricity, water, etc.

Our Fiber-To-The-User network brings you astonishingly fast Internet access and would make the accessing of information from the web as fast as accessing your local PC hard drive.

SO! Fiber Internet provides you light speed access to the Internet backbone. It is amazingly fast, flexible, scalable and reliable. Nothing comes between you and Internet but glass in which your Internet packets travels at the speed of light, i.e., 300,000 km per second.

Our fiber optic technology allows your business to meet increased data demands, without having to invest additional money and resources into hardware and software. You also get the scalability and flexibility an agile business needs. Get all the advantages of high-speed Internet, powered by Somcable fiber optics.

Benefits of Fibre Optic Networks

*Higher Bandwidth possible over copper or wireless (over 400 Gb/s)

*Can carry vast amounts of various types of traffic at different speeds simultaneously

*Imune to interference or reduction in signal quality due to electrical currents

*Impossible to tap into signal and thus data transported is completely secure

*Very little signal loss over long distances

*Fibre Optic is a passive system and uses no power to transport signals (less likely to be affected by power loss or power surges)


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